Journey Program´╗┐

  • Rapid Re housing for 18-25 years old who have a diagnosed mental or physical disability

Rapid Re-Housing 

  • Provides services to families, and or individuals who are homeless or are literally homeless
  • Category 1 Literally Homeless
  • Category 4 Fleeing or attempting to flee Domestic Violence

Housing Counseling

Mortgage Delinquency Counseling

Foreclosure Prevention

Pros & Cons of Financing

HEMAP (Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program)

Alternatives To Housing

Educational/Outreach Services

Beginners Budgeting

Credit Basics

ID Theft

Fair Housing Laws

A Guide to Renting

Predatory Lending

Home-buyer Education (certificate awarded)

Foreclosure Prevention

PREP (Prepared Renters Programs)

Rental Counseling

Assistance locating, securing, and maintaining rental property.

  • Budget Counseling
  • Understanding Lease
  • Referrals to Community Resources
  • Advice on Low-income Housing
  • Eviction Rental Assistance

Pre-Purchase Counseling

  • Overcoming obstacles which may be preventing homeownership
  • Home-buying procedures
  • Budget Counseling
  • No Money Saved
  • Credit Education
  • Fair Housing Laws
  • Predatory Lending

Post Purchase Counseling

  • Budget Counseling
  • Understanding Your Mortgage
  • Preventing Mortgage Delinquency